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How do I add or remove seats for my team?
How do I add or remove seats for my team?
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If you are a team owner, you can upgrade or downgrade your team size from the Subscription tab on your My Account page.

To modify your subscription, follow these steps:

  1. Click your avatar in the lower left corner and select Manage my account

  2. Navigate to the Subscription tab

  3. Click the "Manage in Stripe" button

  4. Once in the Stripe Customer Portal click Update Plan

❗️IMPORTANT: If you modify your team size during your 14-day free trial, your trial will end and you will be billed immediately. Make sure you understand how invoices are calculated before adding or removing seats.

If you'd like to reduce your team size, note that you will only be able to select a number equal to or larger than the current number of active users. Active users are calculated as any user who has accepted or been invited to your team account.

For example, you can't downgrade to a 5-seat team if you currently have 6 active users. You would need to deactivate users or delete outstanding invitations to reduce your active user count before downgrading.

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