In most cases, invoices are simple and straightforward.

When you start a paid membership, you will be billed immediately for your first month or year (depending on your plan), and then billed automatically at the start of each subsequent period as long as your subscription is active.

You can view details about your current plan or billing schedule in the subscription details and invoice history tabs on the My Account page:


Invoice History:

Things can get a bit more complicated when you modify an existing subscription, like switching from a monthly to an annual plan or downgrading a team account.

Let's take a look at how billing works in these types of cases:

Upgrading a Plan

When you upgrade to a more expensive plan, you will be immediately charged for the new amount, discounted for any unused time in your current plan (this is called "proration").

For example, suppose you started a monthly subscription ($39), and decided to upgrade to annual ($349) exactly halfway through the month.

You would immediately be billed for the annual plan (which would start on the current date), and pay a balance of $329.50. This includes the full cost of the annual plan ($349) discounted by $19.50 for your unused monthly time.

Downgrading a Plan

When you downgrade to a less expensive plan, you will be credited with a balance that will automatically apply to future invoices (note that this is NOT the same as a refund).

For example, suppose you started an annual subscription ($349), and decided to downgrade to monthly ($39) exactly halfway through the year.

Your account would be credited $174.50 for the unused time, which would automatically be applied to each subsequent monthly invoice. In this case, you would see a balance due of $0 for each of the next 4 months since your credit balance would cover all of those charges ($39 * 4 = $156).

At the start of the 5th month, you would be charged $20.50 ($39 subscription fee minus the remaining $18.50 credit balance). From there, each subsequent month would be billed for the full monthly fee of $39.

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