Once you've created your Team subscription, the first step is to invite users:

  1. Click your avatar in the lower left corner and select Manage my account

  2. Navigate to the User Management > Users tab (only team owners & admins can access this view)

  3. Click the Invite a User button

Here you can enter the user's email address and assign a user role (Admin or Team Member). You can also assign the user to a group, add course assignments & deadlines, and personalize your invitation.

Invited users will receive an email containing a unique link to log in and join the team.

❗️Note: Users who have been invited but haven't logged in will appear in the Invited tab within the User Management pane, and will count against your team capacity.

To learn more about team training options or to request a platform demo, reach out or send us a chat -- we're here to help!

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