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How do I use my student dashboard?
How do I use my student dashboard?
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Think of your student dashboard as mission control πŸš€


You can read on for more detail or take an interactive tour and explore all the features and functionality for yourself (Note: you must be logged in for the interactive tour)


Your Dashboard is where you can quickly view and manage your most important information and includes several key views. Here you can:

  • Complete your "Getting Started" checklist

  • Build your personal learning plan & track your progress

  • Access courses, paths, and Guided Projects

  • Jump back into your most recent course

  • See announcements from the Maven team

  • View & share credentials you've earned

  • Create & add projects to your portfolio

  • + much more!


The My Learning Plan tab is where you can create or manage your personalized plan, which is designed around your specific goals and learning objectives. Track progress, add or remove courses, modify deadlines, or retake the survey to build a brand new path any time.


The Courses & Paths tab allows you to browse individual courses or view our pre-built learning paths. You can filter courses based on:

  • Status (Not Started, In Progress, Complete)

  • Tools (Excel, Power BI, MySQL, Tableau, Python)

  • Learning Paths (BI Analyst, Data Visualization, etc.)

  • Instructors (Chris Dutton, Aaron Parry, John Pauler, etc.)

  • Skills (Data Analysis, Data Viz, Machine Learning, etc.)

  • Course Hours (Length of the course)

  • CPE Certified (whether the course carries CPE points or not)


The Skills Assessment tab is where you can measure your overall skill with tools like Excel, Power BI, Tableau, MySQL or Python. Use it to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and find courses to help you close the gaps. There are different types of assessments to help you on every stage of your journey.


The Project Portfolio tab is where you can build your collection of projects to share and showcase to your peers, recruiters, interviewers and a wider community. These are stored in the Maven Showcase which is used by data professionals around the world. Get inspired, share feedback, and connect with top analytics talent.


The Credentials tab is where you can manage the badges you've earned by completing courses and paths, winning challenges, or achieving key milestones. Track your progress, view credential details, and share your badges to promote your accomplishments with the world!


The Data Playground is where you'll find both free practice datasets and Guided Projects hand-picked by the Maven team, from Spotify and IMDb to shark attacks and the Olympic games. You can search based on keywords or tags, sort based on release date or number of records, and preview tables before downloading.

PRO TIP: Each month we release a brand new dataset and host a challenge for a chance to win a free membership and other prizes. Make sure to follow @Maven Analytics on LinkedIn for updates!

Not finding what you need? Reach out or send us a chat -- we'd be happy to help!

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