Most of our courses include benchmark assessments at the beginning and graded, final assessments at the end:

  • Benchmark assessments are designed to gauge your current ability level, and identify strengths and weaknesses before taking the course. They include ~20 questions, and include "I don't know" answer options. Low scores are completely normal, and will never be shared publicly. You can retake benchmark assessments multiple times, but we recommend only taking them once.

  • Graded final assessments are typically 50+ questions, and require a passing score of 75% to earn credentials and CPE credits. They are designed to test your retention and comprehension of the course materials, and quantify how much you've improved compared to your benchmark score. You can retake final assessments multiple times, but will not have access to an answer key.

Our assessments are issued through a platform called Brillium, which you can access directly from the course lessons:

Once you complete the assessment, you will be taken to a score report containing the following information:

  • Your overall score

  • Your score breakdown by topic

  • Assessment start & end times

  • Links to view & download your full report (this will be sent via email as well)

  • A link to return to the course

As you complete assessments, scores will be available to view in your student dashboard, by clicking the Course Info button:

NOTE: We are in the process of building a brand new dashboard view to help you track your assessments, view your score histories, and access additional practice assessments to gauge your overall Excel, Power BI, SQL and Tableau skills (expected early 2022).

Not finding what you need? Reach out or send us a chat -- we'd be happy to help!

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