Let’s be honest, most training solutions just don’t cut it. 

We’ve seen it all: online platforms churning out low-grade courses like factories, overpriced seminars in dreary conference rooms, and live “masterclass” sessions that feel like you’re drinking from a firehose.

You deserve better.

At Maven Analytics, our formula is simple: high-quality content, exceptional instructors, unparalleled student support, and unique tools to help you develop the exact skills you need, exactly when you need them:

  • Courses & Paths designed to help you build practical, real-world skills
  • Surveys to match you with the best courses, based on your goals
  • Assessments to benchmark your skills and measure your growth
  • Credentials to share and promote your achievements
  • Practice Datasets to help you hone your skills
  • Dashboards to track your progress and build your skills portfolio
  • Live Coaching & Support from our expert instructors

Most importantly, we put our students first. Think of us as your personal team of instructors, mentors and guides, here to help you navigate the learning process and accelerate your analytics career.

Not sure if Maven is right for you? Sign up for a free account (no credit card required), and give the platform a try before committing to a paid membership!

Questions? Reach out or send us a chat -- we'd be happy to help!

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