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How does the personal learning plan work?
How does the personal learning plan work?
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When it comes to online learning, it can feel like a jungle out there.

Even figuring out where to start can be an uphill battle, and sometimes all you really need is someone to help you find the right path.

At Maven Analytics, we're building a better online learning experience, and we call it Guided Learning:

Here's how Guided Learning works:

  1. Head to the My Learning Plan in your dashboard

  2. Complete a brief (~5 minute) survey

  3. Review and save your personalized plan

Based on the answers you provide, we'll build a plan featuring the tools and skills you're most interested in learning. We'll even suggest deadlines to help keep you on track each step of the way.

Not sure if your path is the right fit? No worries!

Personalized Plans are fully customizable, so you can:

  • add or remove courses and projects,

  • re-order the courses and projects, or

  • adjust deadlines

You can also retake the survey to create a brand new plan if you'd like to shake things up (don't worry, we'll save your progress).

And, as always, our expert instructors and coaches are standing by to help if you need anything along the way -- just send us a chat to get in touch!

Questions? Feedback? Reach out or send us a chat -- we'd be happy to help!

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