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How do I fix my system's local time?
How do I fix my system's local time?

This article describes a specific scenario where a user's local machine settings can affect UX on site.

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If your local computer system time is not accurately synchronized with your browser time you may experience issues in the Maven Analytics application. This can result from a few different scenarios:

  • A manual or automatic update of the time zone (when traveling) that wasn't processed completely

  • Your computer motherboard components power supply interruption or intermittence

  • You have aged or failing batteries on mobile devices (i.e. laptops)

  • and more...

Some known issues with this error include:

  • Complete lack of content on the Student Dashboard

  • Unsynchronized "Getting Started" checklist

Here is an example of how the problem could appear to you as a user:

In the screenshot above, no filters are applied, the search box is empty and the page should list all the courses in Maven's library. However, it's listing none. The same would happen if you looked at the Learning Paths, Skills Assessments, or other tabs.

Another example is the Getting Started checklist inconsistency:

  1. This user completed three learning paths

  2. However, their "Getting Started" checklist doesn't recognize this progress

How to Fix your system's local time

Here are the steps to manually trigger a re-synchronization of the local and network time, which should solve this problem:

  1. Open a command prompt with administrator privileges (depending on your version of Windows this may look different). You can use the Win+X shortcut, or right-click on the Start icon in the system tray:

  2. You may be prompted by a dialog box asking to allow the application to make changes to your device - click "Yes"

  3. Type w32tm /resync and press "Enter". (Alternatively, you can type w32tm /resync /nowait to start the process immediately, instead of waiting for the default "as soon as possible" period)

  4. After a very short time, you should see a message indicating the command was completed successfully. This means your system time has been synchronized with the NTP server.

  5. Log out of Maven Analytics and close all your browser windows. After restarting the browser, log back in and check if the issue has been resolved.

Recommended: for optimal texting environment, please use a private/incognito session in either Chrome or Firefox, no VPN, and a familiar network (i.e. home or cellular, avoiding office networks or open networks like cafes, airports, and similar)

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