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My card was automatically charged but I don't want to continue. What can I do?
My card was automatically charged but I don't want to continue. What can I do?

This article describes the business model of Maven Analytics, how to manage your subscriptions and what to do in case of unplanned expenses.

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Maven Analytics uses a subscription based SaaS (Software as a Service) model. One important detail to understand is that is that all subscriptions automatically renew at the end of each period (month or year) unless explicitly canceled by the user.

What this can mean for you (the user) is that you may not receive any advanced notice before your payment card is charged for another period. This entirely depends on your bank's policies and we at Maven Analytics don't have any control over it.

Check out the Terms & Conditions for individual subscriptions here

In the event you reach your learning goals, or no longer wish to continue with a paid subscription, we recommend that you cancel your plan ahead of your current subscription end period. This will NOT revoke your access. Instead, you will keep your access until the end of your current period, but you will not be automatically billed again. You will lose full access only at the end of the current period.

Here's an example to illustrate how it works:

  • Let's assume that you sign up for a paid monthly plan and the the subscription renews on the 24th of each month (e.g. January 24th, February 24th, etc.).

  • You cancel your plan on January 14th

  • In this scenario, you will have full access until January 24th, but you will NOT be automatically charged for another month on January 24th

  • Consequently, your full access to the platform will be revoked on January 24th and your plan will revert back to Free Forever

IMPORTANT: Access to Pro features like courses, discussion boards, guided projects, etc. will be discontinued after your subscribed period ends but all certificates, badges, projects, course files, and other resources that you have earned, downloaded, or built during your time as a Pro subscriber are yours to keep forever!

If you want to cancel your plan, but encounter any of the following...

  1. You didn't cancel your plan in time

  2. You tried to cancel but there were technical difficulties that prevented you from doing so

...please reach out to our support specialists via the chatbot at the lower right of our site to check what options you have available!

Not sure if Maven is right for you? Sign up for a free account (no credit card required), and give the platform a try before committing to a paid membership!

Questions? Reach out or send us a chat -- we'd be happy to help!

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