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Do you issue certificates after completing a course?
Do you issue certificates after completing a course?

This article describes all certificates and credentials user can obtain by completing courses on Maven Analytics.

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Yes! You will get a certificate and a digital credential for every completed course on our platform. We issue digital credentials in the form of badges.

Badges serve as secure, verified records to prove your credibility, and can be downloaded, embedded, or shared across social channels. Each badge is encoded with important information, like:

  • Who earned it (that's you!)

  • When it was issued

  • Tool or skill specifics

  • Issuing authority (that's Maven!)

All our digital badges and credentials are issued and validated by a third-party platform (Accredible) and are only available for Maven subscribers.
There are four distinct types of badges that you can earn:

  • Course badges, issued for completing individual courses

  • Learning Path badges, issued for completing an entire learning path

  • Guided Project badges, issued for completing individual guided projects

  • Achievement badges, issued when an achievement is reached like, hitting a learning streak, winning a data challenge, unlocking a course completion milestones, etc.

You can manage and interact with your badges in one of two ways:

  • In the Credentials section of your student dashboard

  • Directly from the email that you receive after you earn a badge (complete a course, a path, or reach a milestone)

If you have any questions about how badges and credentials work, feel free to reach out or send us a chat and we'll be happy to help!

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