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How to Access A 60-Day Free Trial of Power BI Service's Pro Features
How to Access A 60-Day Free Trial of Power BI Service's Pro Features

The process for accessing a 60-day free trial of Power BI Service to complete Maven courses and publish projects to your portfolio

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Power BI Service is a paid subscription that allows you to host any Power BI dashboard on the cloud and share it with people across the web.

In order to gain access to Power BI Service, you'll need a "company or organization" email address to sign up for a Free 60-day trial.

Now you can generate a unique email address and access Power BI service directly from the Maven Platform. Follow these steps to activate your account and begin exploring everything Power BI Service has to offer.

  1. Navigate to your My Account page and click the "External Apps" tab


  2. Agree to the terms of use and click the "Activate" button

  3. Follow the instructions listed on the page to complete your account setup with Power BI Service.

Quick Tip

Completing this process will create a free Power BI Service account, which you can use to embed Power BI reports in your portfolio. It also activates a 60-day trial of the PRO features covered in our Power BI Service course. If you plan on taking the course, we recommend doing so immediately after activating your trial.


At trial activation, you may be prompted with a warning message like this:

Clicking on "Got it" you will get all the Power BI features covered in the course. The warning message refers to some features of the broader Fabric ecosystem that aren't in the scope of this or our other Power BI courses.

Not finding what you need? Reach out or send us a chat -- we'd be happy to help!

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