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How to Participate in a Maven Analytics Data Challenge
How to Participate in a Maven Analytics Data Challenge
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How to Enter a Maven Analytics Data Challenge

In this article we’ll walk you through why you should participate and how you can submit a project for a Maven Analytics Data Challenge.

Why participate?

Simply put, practice makes perfect!

There really isn’t anything that can replace putting in the work, and what better way to do it than by taking part in an organized challenge with your peers! Think school, only a lot more fun 😊

Participating in a challenge has some key benefits like:

  • Pre-built frameworks so you don’t have to spend your time hunting around for datasets and can focus your energy on what really matters

  • Real-world scenarios that mimic what you’ll experience on the job

  • Deadlines that keep you accountable

  • A huge community of peers which translates into a valuable source of ideas, inspiration, and meaningful connections - learning is better together!

  • An opportunity to add a new work to your project portfolio

How to participate

Here’s a video walkthrough that outlines exactly what you need to do to participate in a Maven challenge

If video walkthroughs aren’t your thing, there are really just two steps involved in taking part in a Maven Analytics Data Challenge:

  1. Build & publish your project in the Maven Showcase

  2. Share your project on LinkedIn

Step 1: Build & Publish your Project

If you need help creating a project, check out our detailed article on how to create a great portfolio project.

If you want to submit the project as a challenge entry, there is an important additional step that needs to happen before you publish your project: you must assign it to a challenge.

The “Maven Challenge” tab in your project lets you select the challenge to participate in:

By saving the changes after you’ve made your selection, the project will be linked to the selected challenge and will appear in the Maven Data Challenges page after you publish it.

Step 2: Share your Project

If you follow Maven Analytics on LinkedIn, this should feel very familiar. Your post should at minimum contain (but is not limited to) these elements:

  • Have a screenshot or other visual representation of your project. You can now include the link to your project, or your entire portfolio, making it easier than ever to show your skills to the wider community and build your personal brand.

  • Mention @Maven Analytics in the body of your post

  • Include the challenge hashtag (i.e. #mavennorthwindchallenge) in the body

Now you’re published, and public, and officially in the challenge! Ready to get started? Click the link below to start building your first project!

Not finding what you need? Reach out or send us a chat -- we'd be happy to help!

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