What is the project excerpt used for?

Brief explanation of the purpose and best practices for formatting the content in your project excerpt section

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The project excerpt is designed to provide a brief synopsis of your project.

Excerpts are displayed on the project cards in your profile, and give readers some high-level information about the project. Make it clear and concise, but descriptive enough to capture viewers' attention.

Project Excerpt Locations

Profile page project list

Featured project carousel

Best Practices

Think of the project excerpt as your "hook" to capture viewers' interest.

It should provide a brief, high-level overview of your project, and ideally include some details about the dataset, objectives, tools or techniques used, etc. This text is searchable and helps users discover your work on the public Project Showcase page, so make it count!

Here are a few tips and best practices for writing a great project excerpt:

  1. Length: Keep it between 150-255 characters for the best performance

  2. Keywords: Include keywords about your project to help discoverability (i.e. "Power BI", "Tableau", "marketing", "financial model", etc.)

  3. Voice: Tell a story, and tease some of the key insights or outcomes from your project. What would make someone want to click to learn more?

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