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Why won't the course videos autoplay?
Why won't the course videos autoplay?

Autoplay functions differently based on browser and operating system

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There have been a lot of changes to how video autoplay is handled with browsers like Chrome (Chrome's updates), Safari, and with our video hosting platform as well (Thinkific's (Wistia) changes). Because of these changes, adjustments to video autoplay were needed.

The autoplay feature differs depending on your browser and OS (Desktop vs. Mobile) version as some browsers will block autoplaying videos. Because of this, the videos in our courses will only autoplay if the browser allows for autoplay with sound.

This means if your browser does not allow autoplay with audio, the video will not autoplay. The whole goal here is to make sure that you don't miss the beginning of a video that autoplays without audio.

The good news is there are some browsers where you can change this setting, like Safari and Chrome, but it requires that you to make the in-browser adjustment. Unfortunately, we don't have any way of forcing autoplay to override browser settings. If you're running into issues with autoplay, I'd recommend enabling autoplay functionality as allowed by the browser you're using.

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