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What's the difference between courses on Udemy vs. Maven Analytics?
What's the difference between courses on Udemy vs. Maven Analytics?

What's the difference between courses on Udemy vs. Maven Analytics?

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If you've ever taken one of our courses on Udemy, you may be wondering how the Maven Analytics platform is different, and whether or not a subscription is worth it.

While you'll find much of the same course content on both, there are some important differences between Udemy and Maven Analytics:

  • Maven Analytics is an ALL-ACCESS subscription platform, which includes our entire library (Excel, SQL, Power BI, Tableau, Python) plus exclusive content like our Thinking Like an Analyst, Launching Your Data Career and Data Literacy Foundations courses. If you plan to explore multiple courses, this is typically more cost-effective than purchasing them individually.

  • Maven is a Guided Learning platform, which means that we offer curated paths (BI Analyst, Data Visualization, Excel Specialist, etc.), personalized, goal-oriented learning plans, and live expert support and coaching.

  • At Maven Analytics you can download free practice datasets, build, host and share your own project portfolio, and get your work featured in the Maven Showcase.

  • Maven includes learning resources and tools that you won't find anywhere else, including graded skills assessments, private student dashboards, digital badges & credentials, and more.

  • Maven offers Guided Projects, real-world, industry-specific projects for practice supported by a possible solution delivered by an expert instructor.

  • Maven includes Maven for Business and Enterprise options for group training, with tools for inviting and managing users, issuing assignments and deadlines, and tracking team progress in real time.

To put it simply: Maven Analytics is the world's first purpose-build, all-in-one platform for data professionals looking to launch or accelerate their career.

We've built a single, cohesive platform where you can:

  • LEARN the in-demand skills that employers are looking for

  • CREATE and share project portfolios to showcase your skills

  • CONNECT with world-class analysts around the world

All paid subscriptions include unlimited access to the Maven platform, including:

  • Self-paced courses & paths (Excel, SQL, Power BI, Tableau, Python, etc.)

  • Personalized, goal-oriented learning plans

  • Personal profile & project portfolio

  • Graded skills assessments

  • Practice datasets from the Data Playground

  • Access to Guided Projects

  • Expert support via live chat & discussion boards

  • Unique digital credentials & badges

But don't take our word for it โ€“ our courses have helped students across more than 150 countries, and we're proud to have earned a 97% satisfaction rating along with 100,000+ perfect 5-star reviews. We've also been featured by USA Today as one of the top online education companies revolutionizing the industry.

Still not sure if Maven is the right fit? Sign up for a free account (no credit card required), and give the platform a try before committing to a paid membership!

Not finding what you need? Reach out or send us a chat -- we'd be happy to help!

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