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Can my employer or company pay for my membership?
Can my employer or company pay for my membership?
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In many cases, yes! you can get your employer to pay for the membership.

While it certainly depends on the situation, many companies will sponsor the cost of employee training, including online courses.ย 

Self-paced training is an extremely flexible and cost-effective way to build specific skills, at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Here's how we'd recommend approaching the conversation to get your company to pay for Maven Analytics subscription:

  1. Prepare a simple cost estimate, based on how long you plan to use your Maven Analytics membership

  2. Compare the cost against "traditional" training options like bootcamps, degree programs, or corporate workshops (which typically cost thousands of dollars!)

  3. Make a case for how the skills you will develop will drive your career forward, improve your productivity, and help the company as a whole

If you aren't sure about your company's training policies, reach out to your boss or the HR department to start a conversation. And remember, it can't hurt to ask!

Last but not least, remember that we offer a free account option (no credit card required), so your boss can try the platform before buying!

Questions? Reach out or send us a chat -- we'd be happy to help!

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