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Do you offer project consulting?
Do you offer project consulting?
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Maybe, if it's the right fit.

We’re extremely selective about the projects that we pursue, but are always open to hearing about unique and interesting opportunities.

We're equipped to handle everything from ad hoc analytics needs to large-scale BI deployments, and have worked with clients across ecommerce, education, healthcare, insurance, automotive, and CPG industries.

We specialize in:

  • Data mapping & modeling

  • Custom reporting solutions

  • Data visualization & dashboard design

  • Platform selection, integration & training

Our style is hands-on and collaborative; we’ll work side-by-side with your team to help navigate complex data ecosystems, centralize the flow of critical information, and design fully customized solutions suited to your unique challenges and goals.

Head to our consulting page to learn more or request a quote.

If L&D is a better fit, we also offer a best-in-class Maven for Business platform, which is the fastest way to empower your team with expert-level data analytics and business intelligence skills.

For leaders, that means working with expert Learning Guides and modern, flexible tools to build the perfect plan for your team.

Assess and index your team’s skills, discover the courses you need to level up, and create personalized paths so that individuals can learn at their own pace, and develop the skills they need most.

For team members, it means having a clear path to mastering tools like Excel, SQL, Power BI, Tableau and Python, and the skills to work smarter and deliver real business impact.

Upskill faster with project-based courses and real-world case studies, learn from top instructors and industry experts, and deliver results you can measure with real-time reporting and team progress tracking.

All Team Training plans include:

  • Free all-access trial (up to 30-days)

  • Unlimited access to courses & paths

  • Individualized learning paths

  • Skills assessments & gap analysis

  • Private team portal

  • Self-service team management

  • User roles & permissions

  • Custom assignments & deadlines

  • Real-time progress tracking

  • Private, live onboarding session

  • Centralized billing (one single subscription)

Click below to schedule a discovery call with one of our Learning Guides or request a free platform demo:

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