Generally speaking, we don't provide live, on-site training as a service.

After years of delivering in-person training sessions for large groups, we realized that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach just doesn’t make sense for technical training. Live sessions tend to be cost-prohibitive compared to our online memberships, while covering a fraction of the material.

Furthermore, delivering the same lesson, at the same time, to an entire group means that advanced students end up bored, while beginners feel like they are drinking from a firehose.

Our new Team Training platform aims to solve this.

Courses are modular and self-paced, so team members starting from different levels can customize their learning path to focus on the most relevant skills. With graded skills assessments, custom assignments & deadlines, and live progress monitoring, it's easier than ever to upskill your entire team.

If you'd still prefer a live session, please send us an email with some details about what you're looking for.

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